Apparently not your regular kindergarten.. 

Two ridiculously photogenic people teaming up to kick some ass!

Stirring up trouble at the scrapyard.

Ordered this a few days ago and still waiting for it to arrive. You can never be too prepared, especially when you’re operating around Kingsmouth.

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"Hell yeah I got a nice stomach, but please quit staring. You’re making me uncomfortable.."

The Secret World - scenery appreciation post: London

The Secret World - scenery appreciation post: Seoul

For all the ladies out there. ♥

Stumbled across this place while traveling, I think it’s rather charming.

August 14th 2013 - London

I suppose you could say I got promoted today, after all hard work I earned it. My new uniform is quite fancy, a bit stiff to move around in though. I don’t think I will be wearing this into battle..

On another note, I had to force my way out of a hidden archive today because of some unfortunate events, so now I’ve this nagging headache. Perhaps I should lay down for a while, take a nap, I don’t know. At least London is zombie-free, so I can lay down without worrying about waking up as a living dead tomorrow.

Barker out.